SATPAK PC/104 GPS Carrier Products:

The SATPAK-104 provides an inexpensive method to interface a GPS receiver to the PC/104 bus. The SATPAK-104 can be configured to mate with either a Trimble ACEII/ACEIII, Rockwell MicroTracker-LP, Motorla M12, or Motorola VP-Oncore GPS receiver. The TTL communication signals of the selected receiver are converted to either single-ended RS-232 or differential RS-422 voltage levels on the SATPAK-104. A keep-alive voltage is generated by using a large value (1 Farad) capacitor to maintain the almanac, ephemeris, and real-time clock of the selected receiver. To begin operation, a serial cable need only be connected between the SATPAK-104 and a port on the user’s controller. A 10-pin right-angle male header is used for each serial port. The serial ports provided on P1 and P2 can be configured for RS-232 or RS-422 standard pin-outs. A third connector provided on P3 can be configured by the user. All communication with the selected GPS receiver is performed via the serial connectors P1, P2, or P3. The SATPAK-104 does not communicate via the PC/104 bus interconnect. The timing pulse output (1PPS) from the GPS receiver is provided on an unused pin of each communication port connector.

Single quantity development kit prices shown below include SATPAK-104 integrated and tested with desired GPS module, magnetic mount antenna with 4 meter cable, development software toolkit for selected GPS module, and design reference manual in electronic format for the selected GPS receiver.  The development kit is a total GPS solution for the PC/104 bus using the GPS receiver selected.


 (with Trimble ACEIII module)
SATPAK-104-MDEV-M12  Price is TBD
 (with Motorola M12 module)
 (with Canadian Marconi SuperstarII)

Product Specification Sheet (In pdf Format)