Product Specification Sheet (In pdf Format)

The SATPAK-VME is a 6 U carrier board that can be configure to mate with the  Trimble SK2/SK8 (Lassen), Trimble ACEII/ACEIII, Ashtech G12, Ashtech G8, Thales DG14/DG16, Navman Jupiter, Motorola M12, or Motorola VP/GT/UT Oncore GPS Receivers. The communication signals of the selected GPS receiver are transmitted and received over the VME Bus using a Dual Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (DUART). For users that employ external serial ports, the DUART can be bypassed to provide RS232 signal levels to two (one for each GPS I/O channel) DB9S connectors on the front panel. Differential GPS (DGPS)  corrections can be received at the J2 front panel DB9S connector or can be transmitted over the VMEbus to the second DUART channel. A 1PPS interrupt  capability allows the SATPAK-VME to generate a VME-Bus interrupt from Time Pulse (1PPS) signal generated by the GPS receiver. The TX/RX signals from each GPS I/O channel, 1PPS signal, and other selected signals are also available at the VME P2 conncetor. Communication with GPS receiver is performed using a PC16552 DUART over the VME-Bus. The DUART is initialized  and accessed via VME A24:D08(O) data transfers. An onboard ROAK interrupter is implemented in an Altera 8282 device to handle serial DUART and 1PPS interrupts to the host. Four interrupt sources can be programmed for interrupt level and priority via an interrupt control register for each source. A separate interrupt vector register allows programmable 8-bit vectors. Push-on jumpers allows selection of the SATPAK-VME base address. The SATPAK-VME supports address modifiers 39, 3D, 29, and 2D as per the VME-Bus specification. An optional front-panel display can be supplied with the SATPAK-VME. The 9-digital display employs 0.3” high characters and mounts on the front panel. The display utilizes an on-board 87C751 microcontroller to decode NMEA messages from the GPS receiver to display time and position.

Single quantity development kit prices shown below include SATPAK-104PLUS integrated and tested with desired GPS module, magnetic mount antenna with 4 meter cable, development software toolkit for selected GPS module, and design reference manual in electronic format for the selected GPS receiver.  The development kit is a total GPS solution for the PC/104 bus using the GPS receiver selected.


 (with Trimble ACEIII module)
 (with Trimble SK2 module)
 (with Navman Jupiter module)
 (with Motorola M12 module)
 (with Canadian Marconi SuperstarII)
 (with Thales DG14, Thales DG16, or Ashtech G12)